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August 1, 2019

Reformation Today Conference 2019

Dr. Beeke is the President of Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary and a pastor of the Heritage Reformed Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He is also the author of numerous books across a wide range of topics in theology and practical Christianity.


Main Conference 2019

The Gospel That We Still Need

The powerful Gospel – is it still relevant? 31 July

“Gospel” is well-known word.  What is the Gospel – really?

And how do we tell the false gospel from the true Gospel

The centrality of the Gospel – do we ever get too much gospel? 1 Aug

Is the Gospel the basic ABCs?

Do we ever graduate from the Gospel?

The grace of the Gospel – is there too much grace 2 Aug

Grace is often inseparably emphasised together with the Gospel.

Will that cause us to lose our motivation to obey God?

Leaders’ Conference 2019

Upholding the reality of God to His people 31 July

The reality of God in the life of a leader

Church leaders are to be examples of the reality of God in their lives.

How does that look like?

In Preaching

How can preaching be conducted such that hearers will be pressed

with the reality of God

For Families

How can church leaders fan the reality of God in an arena that matters –

the family?

Family Conference 2019

Reality of the Gospel in the home

Gospel in the home 1 Aug

How does Gospel-centred parenting look like in an Asian home?

Family Worship and the Gospel in the Home 1 Aug

What is family worship, and how can it help my children come to Christ?

Bringing our children to Christ 2 Aug

How can we draw the interest of our second generation children to Christ?

Marriage and parenting 2 Aug

“When children come, the romance goes.”  Must this be so?